Make your session extra special with any of these great add-on's!

Face Time ~ $15
An additional 15 minutes focused on the scalp, neck, & face...heaven

Flash Facial ~ $25

Organic facial cleanse & triple layer exfoliation followed by a serum & moisturizer specific to your skin type leaves you glowing!

Allergy/Sinus Add On ~ $10
Aromatherapy facial steam combined with reflexology & acupressure work on the head and face for instant relief of sinus pain & congestion. 

Migraine Add On ~ $10
Cooling aromatherapy treatment applied to face & back of neck with soothing head, neck, and scalp massage melt your tension away. 

Chakra Check-up ~ $5
Assessment of your 7 chakras (energy centers) and balancing can give insight to what areas of your life need work and may help you to work towards living in a more balanced state. 

Crystal Healing ~ $10
Add the healing power of crystals to your session. Clair will choose gemstones for your session specific to your needs/ailments. Different stones channel specific energies which resonate within your own energy field helping to cleanse, ground, &/or raise your vibration & bring you into a balanced state to aid in healing the body, mind, & spirit.

All About Hands ~ $5

Decadent Sugar Hand Scrub and essential oil massage will leave your hands silky smooth.

All About Young Hands ~ $10
All About Hands Treatment combined with our Revitalight Hand Spa for smoother, younger looking hands. Your hands show your age before your face does, nip it in the bud! 

Fancy Feet ~ $10
Slough away rough skin with this revitalizing foot scrub & reflexology option.

Blissful Bath Salts Foot Soak~ $5

Sip a delicious cup of tea while soaking your toes in a divine blend of Pink Himalayan, Dead Sea, and Epsom Salts. Cool or Warm as the season & your mood dictates.

​Sunlighten Sauna Session ~ $25

​Enjoy 30 minutes of deeply penetrating infrared heat, great for relaxation, anti-aging, or to aid in pain management.

Halotherapy in the Salt Room ~ $30

Halotherapy is a safe and natural therapy that uses microscopic salt particles for improving breathing ailments, skin conditions, and promoting relaxation.
Everyone can benefit from halotherapy. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties clean the lungs and skin helping to prevent infections. 

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