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~ Corporate Chair Massage ~
Bring the relaxation to your staff with On-Site Chair Massage!
Each LMT provides 4, 10 minute chair massages per hour with 5 minutes in between to reset the area. $80 per LMT/ per Hour

2 Hours                                                                  4Hours
   1 LMT = 8 Employees   $160.00                       1 LMT = 16 Employees $320.00
   2 LMT's = 16 Employees $240.00                   2 LMT's = 32 Employees $640.00
   3 LMT's = 32 Employees $480.00                  3 LMT's = 64 Employees $960.00
   4 LMT's = 64 Employees $640.00                  4 LMT's = 128 Employees $1280.00

~Packages ~ 

At Clarity our packages are truly unique in their flexibility.

Use your sessions when you want them ~ there are no time constraints, requirements, or expiration dates. Feel free to share a series with a member of your household, or break an hour off of your package to give as a gift. Your massages may be split into 90 minute, 1 hour, or 1/2 hour sessions. Our series is a great way to save money and to do something good for yourself on a regular basis. 

*Packages are non-refundable, but may be transferred or taken as Gift Certificates*


A Little Clarity: 3 Hours of  Massage for $210

More Clarity: 6 Hours of Massage for $375  *$400*
*6 Hour Package Holder's may add a FREE Add-On to one session!

All the Clarity: 12 Hours of Massage for $675  *$750*

*12 Hour Package Holder's may add a FREE Add-On to any session!


A Year of Beauty: 4 Organic Facials for four seasons of beautiful skin $275​  *$300*
Revitalight: 6 Revitalight Sessions, great for start-up or maintenance $400 

Revitalight Trial: 3 Sessions $225
Facial Rejuv: 4 sessions for $300 
Ultimate Natural Facelift: 3 sessions for $400


~ Membership ~

***Introducing Annual Membership***

One time payment for an entire year of relaxation at our deepest discount!

Your choice of a One Hour Massage or Facial of any type. Annual Members also receive a Free Add-On with every session and 20% off any other services or Gift Certificate purchases for the lifetime of the membership. Annual sessions may be rolled into the next month for a total of 12 per year Monthly or 24 per year Bi-Monthly. 

*Annual Membership is non-refundable*

​​Monthly Member   $660  ($55 ea, $960 value) *$720*
Bi-Monthly Member   $1200  ($50 ea)

Monthly Membership

 A monthly automatic payment option.

Membership is billed on the same date monthly as the initial payment. Members may choose a standing appointment (ie: the 15th each month, or the first Friday) you may always reschedule if needed. Membership sessions do NOT roll over, if they are not used within the month they will not accrue. Spa members receive a free Add-On with any session & 10% off any other services/gift certificates for the lifetime of the membership. Membership is non-transferable and may not be shared. You can cancel your membership at any time if it's no longer working for you, please allow us sufficient time to make changes before your next payment date.

   Monthly  ~  One Hour Massage (any style) or 1 Facial per month $65  *$70*

Monthly Extra ~ a 90 Minute Massage or 1 Hour + Mini Facial

$100  *$120*
   Monthly Spa~aah Day ~ 2, 1 Hour  Massages, 2 Facials, or one of each every month $125  *$150*

Monthly VIP ~ x3 One Hour Massages, x2 90 Minute Massages, or Organic Facial w/Revitalight $200  *$250*